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23 Июл 2006

Website-Watcher — мощное приложение для отслеживания обновлений на сайтах, проверяет неограниченное количество сайтов на предмет изменения и дополнения. При обнаружении изменений, он сохраняет последнюю версию на диск и выделит цветом все изменения в тексте. Использование WebSite-Watcher сэкономит не только ваши нервы, но и время, а как следствие — деньги, поскольку время, проведенное в Сети, заметно сократится.
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21 Фев 2008
WebSite-Watcher 2012 (12.0) Final


[+] Bookmark properties / Merge pages: It's possible to merge the first x pages from search results (or the last few pages with new content from forum topics) to a single page. This works for URLs that have a parameter that defines the page, eg. http://www.domain.com/search.php?text=abc&page=13
[+] Bookmark properties / Send e-mail: E-Mail addresses can be selected from a pre-defined list
[+] Bookmark properties / Options: Bookmarks can optionally be opened in the "Text" tab or in the "Analysis" tab of the internal browser
[+] Bookmark properties / Actions/Alert on error: New option "Alert after X errors in a row"
[+] Check FTP folders: The directory listing is converted in a new format and the sub folders and files are sorted. This makes monitoring FTP folders much easier.
[+] Folder properties / Assign bookmark properties: New option "Apply settings to subfolders"
[+] Export/Import from Excel: New field wswid that is written when exporting bookmarks. This makes it now possible to export bookmarks, change the URL and re-import bookmarks. Before that change, the URL was used to identify a bookmark. If the field wswid is available, then this field is used to identify a bookmark.
[+] Export/Import from Excel: New fields, amongst other things fields to ignore updates via black/whitelist
[+] Send e-mails: Advanced rules for sending (optional, can be used as alternative to send e-mails after each check run)
[+] Send e-mails: Global black list to suppress e-mail sending. If a page contains a defined entry of the global black list, then an e-mail is not sent. For example if a page contains the text "could not connect to database".
[+] Send e-mails: New option "Send before other e-mails". With that option enabled, e-mails will be queued and sent before other e-mails.
[+] Send e-mails: BCC (can be entered in program configuration)
[+] Send e-mails: HTML e-mails optimized and size reduced
[+] Send e-mails: size reduction when sending e-mails in text format and changes attached
[+] Virtual folders: New variables {added_age_hours} and {added_age_days}. These variables can be used to create for example a virtual folder "Recently created" that shows all new bookmarks that were inserted within the last 5 hours.
[+] Scripts: New built-in function "FileExists"
[+] Internal Browser / Open with external program: Optional command line parameters can be specified
[+] Internal Browser / "Text" tab: The "Text" tab can now also show the new or old version of the checked page when they were opened in the "Page" tab before clicking the "Text" tab.
[+] Initialize PDF/Word/Excel files: Automatically use the filename as the bookmark name
[+] PDF plugin: WebSite-Watcher can extract text from more PDF files
[+] Filter system: FirstRegex(...) to ignore or monitor only the first occurrence of a regular expression
[+] Custom columns: Increased custom columns from 3 to 5
[+] New plugin: Monitor image URLs
[+] Plugins: Function "HtmlExtract" has a new parameter to extract image URLs from the checked web page
[+] Plugins / new built-in function: GetComparisonInfo (see help file for detailed description)
[+] If an AutoWatch countdown is active while the system turns into hibernation, WebSite-Watcher will wait at least 15 seconds before the next AutoWatch check is started after the system returns from hibernation. This gives Windows some time to re-establish network connections before the next AutoWatch check run is started after hibernation. The default value of 15 seconds can be customized via the program tweak "MinAutoWatchSecondsAfterHibernation".
[+] program configuration / new tweak "ReopenTabsAfterCrash=0": If WebSite-Watcher crashes, then the next start will show a dialog to re-open the last opened browser tabs. This tweak suppresses that dialog and don't re-open browser tabs.
[x] Bookmark properties / RSS / Ignore articles older than: The minimum number of days is now 1 (30 in previous versions)
[-] Some conflicts with "Open in external browser" (Shortcuts Ctrl+F11 and Ctrl+Shift+F11) fixed. By default, Ctrl+Shift+F11 is now Ctrl+Shift+0, if you have customized your shortcuts, then this change doesn't affect your shortcut configuration.
[-] WebSite-Watcher could (in rare cases) falsely report the error "incorrect file size" when checking web pages
[-] Some special Unicode characters were not decoded correctly
Smaller fixes, improvements and optimizations
Год выхода: 2012
Язык: Multi (Русский)
Таблетка: есть (key)
Размер: 8,5 Mb



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Super Moderator
14 Дек 2013
WebSite-Watcher 2019 19.5 Business Edition

Год выхода: 2019
ОС: Windows all
Язык: Multi (Русский)
Таблетка: есть (key)
Размер: 94,69 MB

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