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RioDVD Region Free Player 1.11+

RioDVD Region Free Player - Плейер DVD, VCD, SVCD Movies с множеством продвинутых функций, таких, как поддержка S/PDIF выхода, цифрового зума, множественных колонок. Позволяет обходить защиту от копирования: поддержка Region Free , RCE Free , UOP Free , Macrovision Free.
- Region Free (for both RPC1, RPC2 dvd drives), RCE Free, UOP Free, Macrovision Free.
- Hardware decode acceleration , Hardware decode acceleration enabling use of hardware moving compensation provided with VGA card and Microsoft DirectX? Video Acceleration (DXVA) support
- Displays a vast array of viewing screens, Keep Aspect Ratio , Pan&Scan.
- Digital Zoom, This is the only area where you may access this state-of-the-art feature that allows you to zoom in on any of your favorite DVD scenes.
- Bookmarks, RioDVD lets you save the location of your favorite scenes for DVD/VCD/SVCD, so that you can jump right to them. RioDVD automatically remembers the last viewed location of a DVD/VCD/SVCD.
- Play DVD Content from a Hard Drive or Networka Hard Drive or NAS
- Video Desktop, Video Desktop lets the movie play in the background, just like wallpaper. Open windows and icons appear over the movie.
- DTS, Which offers 5.1 channels audio output.
- Dolby AC-3 audio , Which offers 2 modes: 2 chennels and 5.1 chennels output.
- Dolby Pro Logic II , Dolby Pro Logic II can decode dual channels audio source like MP3, VCD or SVCD into multi channel surround sound effect.
- S/PDIF , Support S/PDIF of Dolby digital AC-3 for most fidelity audio quality.
- MPEG-2 audio and LPCM , Support MPEG-2 audio and LPCM (Linear Phase Code Modulation) decoding.
- Multi channels , Audio decoding support multi channels decoding, including output modes of stereo, 4.1, 5.1 channels.
- DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, VCD1.1, VCD2.0, SVCD, DVD from hard disk.

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