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Phantom Burner


21 Фев 2008
Phantom Burner

Phantom Burner - эмулятор виртуальных CD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM/BD-RE/CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/BD-ROM. Данная программа не только позволяет Вам устанавливать файлы образов диска в качестве действительного компакт-диска, DVD или Blu-ray, но также и позволять Вам прожигать и создавать файлы образов дисков CD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM/BD-RE.

Phantom Burner Features:
Burning Software Support
Phantom Burner emulate a hardware SCSI BD-RE(Blu-ray Rewritable)/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM/CD-R burner. By supporting standard SCSI commands, it is supposed by all burning software, whether it is Nero or Roxio.

Burn Engine Support
If you have used any burning software, you may have realized that they all go through a “burning engine”. It could be WINASPI, CDRAL, SPTI, or IMAPI.
Don’t understand what they mean? It doesn’t matter. Those burn engines are middle layer between the application and the hardware.
By emulating the hardware, you don’t need to worry the compatibility between Phantom Burner and a burn engine. Eventually, the burn engines send standard SCSI commands to the drive, and those commands are supported by Phantom Burner.

Burner Software
Phantom Burner has been tested with many burner software. We are adding tutorials for all those software support.
It is compatible with Roxio Media Create, Sonic RecordNow, Nero Ultra, to name a few.

Specialized Burning Software
You may have used certain software in other areas which incorporates BD/DVD/CD burning features. Disc burning is not their primary usage, just an add-on feature.
There is hundreds of software in this category. Some examples include Windows Media Player and iTunes. They are music playback software with the ability to create Audio CD from your collection.
Phantom Burner is compatible with this kind of software, whether they create data CD’s or audio CD’s.

Transfer your DRM protected music
On Sept. 30, Yahoo will shut down the servers that are needed to reauthorize music purchased from its Unlimited Music Store if it is transferred to a new PC. Yahoo has recommended customers to burn the tracks to CDs and then reload them on a PC.
For Yahoo customers with a large music collection, this can be a lengthy and wasteful process. Phantom Burner appears as a regular CD-R/DVD+RW/BD-RE burner in burning software, including Yahoo Music software. A disc image file is created when a virtual audio CD is burned. This image can be mounted again later for playback and reload.
Follow Yahoo's recommendation with your purchase, but instead of burning to physical CD's, use Phantom Burner. It is much easier, faster, and cheaper.

The only virtual DVD/BD burner in the industry
Phantom Burner is the only virtual Blu-ray/DVD burner software in the industry. Others may emulate DVD-ROM and CD-ROM drive. Few also emulates CD-R burner. However, Phantom Burner is the first and only DVD and Blu-ray burner emulator in the industry.
Название: Phantom Burner
Год выпуска: 2010
Платформа: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство: keygen
Размер: 8.3 Mb

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