IrfanView 3.99

Просматривает и преобразовывает графику, проигрывает аудио и видео. Поддерживает многочисленные форматы и плагины.


IrfanView 4.25
History of changes:
New capture option: Region capture (Thanks to grebulon)
(as option in Capture dialog or hotkey: CTRL + PrintKey)
OCR Feature/PlugIn added (Options menu, Hotkey: F9, full image or selection)
PlugIn download:
New command line switches for /capture
4 = use region capture, 5 = start in capture mode using dialog settings
New and re-arranged Properties dialogs
New Color Management options in Properties->Viewing (new LCMS PlugIn needed)
Burning PlugIn: can burn using Nero or Windows interface (WinXP or later)
Support for JLS format (JPEG-LS, PlugIn by KATO Kanryu)
Support for WBZ/WBC/WB1 formats (Webshots formats, PlugIn by V. Paramoshin)
New display option: Use Resample for zooming (Menu: View->Display options)
New fullscreen option: Use Resample for zooming (Properties->Fullscreen)
Option to save changes on exit in now also used for image/file change
New option in Batch-Scan dialog: Remember last scan counter
Previous "Search files" dialog results showed again on next search
Batch rename dialog: Last 15 rename patterns are saved
New Thumbnails sort options: Sort by image DPI
New placeholder: $p (image DPI)
New buttons/options in File-Replace dialog for multiple files
Resample bug with very special images fixed (TIF bug reported by Secunia, thanks!)
The option "View->Lock zoom" works now with all display options
Show PNG and TGA/DDS alpha color options merged (Properties->Viewing)
New command line option: /reloadonloop
Reload input source used in /slideshow when list is finished
Command line, /convert: exit codes added: 0 = OK, 1 = load error, 2 = save error
Support for TIFs with 12 bits per channel
New option in Postscript PlugIn: Enable Antialiasing for better quality
New button in EXIF dialog: Show in GeoHack-Wiki (for GPS coordinates)
New help menu: Check homepage for updates
Browsing hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + number (0-9), decrease file index by number
Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions
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IrfanView PlugIns


IrfanView 4.27
History of changes:
Updated/improved TIF loader
Save dialog: if you write file extension, the right file type is selected
New edit menu: Crop visible window area (incl. zoom)
The internal selection code has been changed (to fix some rounding errors)
New capture option: Object capture (with auto scroll, if possible)
New button in Batch progress dialog: Return to batch (use same files again)
New JPG save dialog option: Keep XMP data (from original JPG file)
New command line option: /effect=(effect-nr,value1,value2)
Apply effect from Effects-Browser dialog, Example: Apply Blur of 30
i_view32.exe c:\image.jpg /effect=(1,30,0)
New option in Print dialog: Auto rotate (based on image dimensions)
New HTML dialog option: Create thumbs without frame/border
PSD loading bug/crash fixed (PSD bug reported by Secunia, thanks!)
Support for BLP format (BLP-2, Formats PlugIn)
Fixed problem in "Create multipage PDF" dialog
Batch conversion of multipage images to multipage PDF is now possible
(Advanced options work on the first page only)
New image menu: Add border/frame (Thanks to Balazs from
New edit menu: Create maximized current custom selection (using dialog values)
New edit menus: Create maximized selection (for some standard ratios)
Bigger "Browse for folder" dialog
New option in Properties->Browsing: Beep on folder loop (or screenshot save)
New option for external editors: Send all filenames in one call (Properties->Misc)
New option in Postscript PlugIn/Dialog: Set custom Ghostscript DLL location
Another Blur effect added (Total variation method, thanks to Daniel Marks)
New option in Properties->Extensions->Icons: Leave current icon (for XP only)
Hotkey CTRL + A can be used to select and unselect whole image (toggle)
New fullscreen hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + W: Stretch images over all monitors (toggle)
Hotkey: CTRL + right mouse drag: scroll image even if Conext menu option activated
Change in CTRL + Print key action: minimize IrfanView window before capturing
New HTML template variables: #IMAGE_PATH#, #IMAGE_BASENAME#,
#IMAGE_EXT# and #SELF_LINK# (see help file, HTML Export page)
Skin change problem on Linux/Wine fixed
Some "Multipage images" menus moved from View to Options menu
The hidden mouse in fullscreen/slideshow mode will be showed on mouse move
New command line option: /random, can be used only with /wall
=> set random wallpapers, see "i_options.txt" for examples
New feature for administrators: "DefaultLang" for INI file (set default language)
=> see FAQs for an example
New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Perfect (error on non-perfect JPG images/sizes)
New hotkey: SHIFT + Mouse-Wheel: scroll image horizontally
New hotkeys: "=" for zoom in; CTRL + G = image->grayscale
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14 Сен 2006
IrfanView 4.32 + Plugins

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7 Авг 2011
IrfanView 4.35 Final

Изменения в версии 4.35:
New Add Text dialog features: No selection needed, Preview, Effects etc.
Option to save profiles (Add-Text, JPG-Save and Color Correction dialog)
New capture dialog option: Capture fixed screen rectangle; Stop timer
New transparency save option: Use main window color (GIF, PNG, ICO)
New file handling option: Remove sidecar files (Properties->File Handling)
New options in Watermark dialog: Preview, Click to preview
New folder browsing options in: Properties->Browsing (stop on folder end)
The EXIF-Thumbnail will be updated during saving as JPG
New (Freeware) PlugIn for DXF format - thanks to BabaCAD-Software guys!
New RAW format options in Properties->PlugIns
New menu: View->Multipage images->Auto show page thumbnails dialog
New print option for multipage images: Print specific pages
Option to Set selection rectangle color (Properties->Editing)
Context menu for video player (Copy frame, change volume)
New display menu option: Apply Sharpen after Resample
New button in Batch dialog: Save filenames as TXT file
New Thumbnail menus: Start Multipage TIF/PDF dialog with selected files
Thumbnails folder tree: CTRL + click = Load thumbs from all subfolders
New option for FLV files: Play in main window (Properties->Video)
New options in Batch rename dialog (create duplicate files)
Option to save custom dimensions in Resize and Custom-Selection dialog

ОС: Windows XP/Vista/7.
Язык: англ + рус


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7 Авг 2011
IrfanView 4.36 Final + Rus

Изменения в версии 4.36:
New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Rebuild EXIF-Thumbnail
Update of EXIF-Thumbnail on JPG-Lossless-Crop
Option to Edit EXIF date/time (Options menu or Thumbnails window for batch mode)
Improved color accuracy in "Decrease color depth" function
Added "Best quality" option in "Decrease color depth" dialog (Thanks to Kornel Lesinski!)
New (Freeware) PlugIn for DWG format - thanks to BabaCAD-Software guys!
New feature: Replace Color (Image menu and Advanced Batch dialog)
New feature: Create tiled image (Image menu)
New effects PlugIn: Filter Sandbox (Image->Effects menu, JewelScript, thanks to Stefan Kuhn!)
Option to invert single color channels only (Image menu)
New Edit menu option: Show Grid (see also Properties->Editing for cell size)
New Slideshow Burning PlugIn for WinXP SP3 or later (Thanks to Eric Haddan!)
New display options added: Fit small image side to window/desktop
Profiles option added to Batch Rename dialog
New Advanced Batch dialog option: Set new image size in MegaPixels
New options for Fine Rotation effect: Keep old image size and background
New feature in Color Corrections dialog: Change White Balance
New effect in "Image->Add border/frame" dialog: Inside fading frame
New Thumbnails menu: Extract pages from selected multipage files
New Add Text dialog effect: Filled outline text (Thanks to Wong Shao Voon)
Negative and Grayscale menus can work on selections
Improved selection handling with large zooms
Updated Icons-Plugin (bigger/nicer icons, thanks to Florian Kilzer)
New hotkeys: CTRL + SHIFT + left/right arrow: Fine rotation, 0.10 deg
New hotkeys: CTRL + SHIFT + up/down arrow: Fine rotation, 0.05 deg
Batch-Scan dialog: some placeholders can be used for the filename (help file)
New text placeholders to add $ and | characters (see help file)
New (admin) INI file option: Set save formats in Save-As dialog (see FAQs)
New hotkey for slideshow mode: SHIFT + Z = show all or portrait/landscape images
Hotkey: G = stop or resume GIF/ANI animation (browse frames/pages if stopped)
DCX/ANI loading bug fixed (reported by FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
FPX bug fixed (reported by Secunia/Krystian Kloskowski, thanks!)
Added reading support for 32-bit (96 BPP) TIF images
New command line option: /multipdf (same syntax as /multitif)
Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

ОС: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Язык: англ + рус
Размер: 10,95 Мб

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14 Дек 2013
IrfanView 4.41

Дата: 2015

Язык: русский
Лицензия: Freeware
Размер: 2,0/3,45 Мб